HONG KONG (CHINA)- Author Lilling Tan of International Business Times loves shark fin soup but also cares a lot about sharks. She wrote a great piece of opinion. She says: ‘For me, that morsel of fin braised in herb-infused stock is truly a complex and sublime gastronomic experience, even ifContinue Reading

OAKVILLE (CANADA)- “Sharks — the fish we fear the most is also the one we cannot live without.” It was a simple, yet strong, statement delivered from award-winning Toronto filmmaker Rob Stewart during his visit to Appleby College in Oakville last week. The 31-year-old activist, famous for his movie Sharkwater spoke toContinue Reading

TAIPEI (TAIWAN)- Big luxury major hotels in Taiwan have no plans to follow Peninsula Hotels in dropping shark fin soup from their menu. The prestigious Hong Kong hotel chain last monday announced it would stop serving shark fin. Major five-star hotels in Taiwan, including the Regent Taipei and L’Hotel de Chine Group,Continue Reading

NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)-At a meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) in Istanbul, Turkey earlier this month, Canada was the only nation among 48 to defend porbeagle fishing and oppose a ban. Ottawa defends a couple of fisherman in the town of Sambro, a small fishingContinue Reading

FORT LAUDERDALE (USA)— 2012 is looking to be a good year for Tiger sharks and three species of hammerhead sharks in Florida State waters. The US State  approved a ban on killing the four species of sharks.The ban, approved after a series of hearings around the state, applies to state watersContinue Reading

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- Good news for sharks in European waters. The European Union proposed a blanket ban on shark finning. Which means fisherman can’t also bring sharks to shore to cut off their fins. Loophole That was the loophole in the current ban on finning. In this terrible practice, the finsContinue Reading

HONGKONG (CHINA)- Good news from China, the country which is the biggest importer of dried shark fins, which mainly go into the shark fin soup. Asia’s oldest hotel chain Peninsula has declared taking the Chinese delicacy off its menus. Peninsula Hotels can be found in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chicago, BeverleyContinue Reading