BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- Good news for sharks in European waters. The European Union proposed a blanket ban on shark finning. Which means fisherman can’t also bring sharks to shore to cut off their fins. Loophole That was the loophole in the current ban on finning. In this terrible practice, the finsContinue Reading

HONGKONG (CHINA)- Good news from China, the country which is the biggest importer of dried shark fins, which mainly go into the shark fin soup. Asia’s oldest hotel chain Peninsula has declared taking the Chinese delicacy off its menus. Peninsula Hotels can be found in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chicago, BeverleyContinue Reading

MONTEREY (USA)-A young great white shark that had been in captivity at the Monterey Bay Aquarium went missing on October 29, just four days after its release off the coast of Goleta. Data recovered from the transmitter on its dorsal fin determined that the shark died very shortly after itsContinue Reading

TORONTO (CANADA)-The plea for banning shark fins leads to debates all over the world. In Toronto where city council proposed to ban the sale of shark fins in the city, more than 200 people protested outside city hall yesterday. Many of the members of the large Chinese community of theContinue Reading

ROTTNEST ISLAND (AUSTRALIA)- White sharks off the Western Australian coast have a price on their heads. After the third fatal shark, Texan diver George Thomas Wainwright last weekend, attack in two months, the Western Australian government has ordered any great white sharks spotted off the south west coast to beContinue Reading

MOSSEL BAY (SOUTH AFRICA)- The sportsfisherman who illegally caught a great white in Mossel Bay, and was caught redhanded by the cameras of the local press, says it wasn’t he who brought the shark out of the water, but it was the waves. He also denies posing with the sharkContinue Reading

A new green initiative is afoot to save sharks. More and more marinas close harbour for the landing of dead sharks and call themselves ‘Shark-Free  Marinas’.  A shark-friendly marina discourages the recreational killing of sharks and can register to officially become shark friendly. Under the Shark-Free Marina Initiative, a marinaContinue Reading